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End-user : The most powerful person of the world

Published on  Feb 20th, 2024Updated:  May 23rd, 2024
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An end-user who does not know how an application works is the person we target for our products. They are using our applications for some reason, and our apps will make their business faster or more revenue.

Who is an end-user?

An end-user is a person who consumes our product. He can be any person or even an animal.

I found a tweet that WordPress is the main product to extend the life of PHP, but many businesses or persons don't even know the programming behind it and install it by using the one-click button. So, why are  they powerful?

 The power of end-user

    The end-user is the consumer, but the psychology of the end-user is somewhat challenging. The purpose for using our product is easy, convenient and fast. They don't have to mind the programming language that built the software they use or how fast the speed of your app server is. How many attempts have you made to publish your app to the app store? It has nothing to do with them.

The work mindset

    Do you ever think of the work mindset? I have a project that has a critical engagement area called registration. Customer data collection is vital for our application, and my client said: "If there is an error, they will simply go away". That marks my day and a step further. They don't care about the technology, but they care about the job completeness.

Learn from the Kids

    I have a tiny kid, and my wife has to make food for her. When the time she has to eat, our exam results are out. She will eat the food we made or not. The answer is just two. She doesn't know how the food is cooked and served. She knows only two things: is the food delicious in her mouth, or is the food attractive in her eyes?


    The convenience of the consumer or end-user is vital. Ensuring their convenience is crucial for a seamless and enjoyable experience. They may seem strange to us, but they drive the whole system. We are somewhat end-users in someone's product.

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